Pregnant woman

Don't let the impersonal care of a doctor ruin your pregnancy experience

Dr. Arthur Arena provides personalized care and closely monitors every stage of your pregnancy.

Doctor examining pregnant

Feel secure, confident, and cared for in the hands of Dr. Arthur Arena and staff

Choosing the right doctor is a critical factor of your pregnancy. As a Board Certified Ob/Gyn, Dr. Arthur Arena has extensive experience in managing pregnancies and delivering babies. Our practice ensures that you receive the proper amount of counseling before, during, and after your pregnancy. All the care you receive from us will be customized to fit your unique needs during this very important period in your life.

Bring home a healthy baby by taking the time to procure your own health

  • Current health and past medical history
  • Age of mother
  • Heart and/or lung problems
  • Drinking or smoking
  • Best delivery method
  • Determining risk factors
  • Past pregnancy-related history

Set up an appointment and begin your pregnancy counseling with us today.


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